Try This Chess App for Android and iOS

There may be many games that have been present for centuries, but chess is one of the greatest. This classic board game has been around for a long time and has been utilized in honing the ability of a lot of players. However, the form of chess that once existed in the past has undergone some changes.

Now, you can download a chess app for Android and iOS, where you can play against forms of artificial intelligence. These A.I. robots have the ability to not only battle with you but can also defeat you, based on your chess skill level.

If you are looking for a way to hone your chess ability, and the resulting calculation ability, you should consider downloading a chess app for Android and iOS on your device.

Below are different chess apps for Android and iOS devices.

4 Chess Apps for Android and iOS

Chess – Play & Learn

A great method of learning chess is to play it. You may read numerous books about the game and how to maneuver, and if you do not play it, it is basically a waste of time. This app tutors you on the fundamental positions, as well as rules guiding the game. You would be taught about the fundamental aspects of strategy, combinational moves, as well as the mechanisms of closing and opening.

In the app, you will see puzzles, which test your ability to assimilate the game. If you are seeking a tutorial app that will improve your chess skills, you should consider trying this.


This is an open-source chess app that allows you to battle it out with opponents online. You can decide to play against different people in different parts of the world. Currently, there are more than a hundred thousand players that you can play against.

If you like, you can decide to challenge the A.I. to a duel, or opt for a human opponent. You can get different variants of the game and challenge opponents online to play any variant you want. Since it is open-source, you can tweak it too. 

WiFi Chess

When you go online, you tend to play with strangers and friends, but most times, you don’t play with your loved ones. However, let’s say that you are at home, and you want to have fun with those around. You can decide to play WiFi Chess.

With this app, you can play against your loved one without giving up your phone to your competitor to make a move. This app can work on either an Android device or an iOS. Both competitors will have to connect to the WiFi to operate. 

Chess Clock

It is no news that a chess game can span a long time, and that is why someone has to be patient when playing it. To prevent you from getting bored, this app gives a period for a player to make a move and press the button on the clock. This makes the game a lot more interesting.  

Which chess apps for Android and iOS do you play?