Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Social Media Burnout! Yeah, you read me right. It is real, it is true, it is possible. It refers to a situation when you are just tired of everything and anything related to social media. And in a moment, you want to be done with social media and let the outside world be. But because of one problem or the other, you find out that it becomes complicated actually to do that. This article would show you ways to avoid Social Media Burnout when you feel this way. 

Ways you can Avoid Social Media Burnout 

You can Set proper boundaries

Because you have a device connected to the internet, this does not always mean you need to stay connected. You should set obvious boundaries between social media and your fabulous self. 

You could easily do this by organizing times of day when you would not go on social media. This could be around Thirty minutes as long as you are putting in the effort to create space in your day when social media is not allowed to come in. Your brain would have fun and benefit from this break, you know. 

Your eyes need to rest, you know 

I’m not trying to sound like your parents when they say you should not sit down so close to the TV. But it has been stated by the Vision Council that it only takes about two hours of sitting in front of a screen before your eyes start suffering from digital eye strain. 

These could lead to things like headaches, back pain, neck pain, irritated and dry eyes too. 

Your eyes need to rest and take some minutes to relax and get on up. 

There are applications like F.lux, which helps in reducing the strains these screens have on our eyes. They change the color on our devices to look like the time of the day, so it would seem like you are simply looking at nature. 

These applications can also block out blue light. It would help if you avoided this type of light in the evening. They help your sleeping habits in more ways than you can imagine. Getting a higher quality of sleep is usually seen as a great way to help you better manage anxiety. 

Don’t forget to live your life off Social Media 

It would help if you took a stroll, visit that neighbor, go and cool your favorite meal, try that recipe that you have wanted to learn for so long. You need to get off your desk and your laptop or phone, and even if you would stretch it out, do it. Humans were not created to sit down in a specific place for hours, you know. 

My thoughts on ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout 

I’m just recovering from being burnt out from reality and almost losing my mind. I’m glad I got the correct type of help, and I’m back to living life as a realist. One of the best tips I can give you is to follow your guts. When it says stop, stop.