What is an Example of Cultural Change Due to Technology?

What would the world be without a touch of either culture or technology?

Before now, people have always placed culture over technology. Today, we can no longer say the same as the technology business is fast becoming the guardian of people’s lives and activities. From the manufacturing of smartphones, vehicles, internet, social media applications, etc, everything is gradually getting absorbed into our lives and changing the way we do things. One of the most important things with technology is that it keeps changing the way we think.

If you are confused as to what has changed in culture as a result of the advent of technology, hang on, as we take you through some examples of cultural change due to technology.

1. Our Daily Lives

Technology has indeed changed the manner in which we run our daily lives. If you observe closely, you would see that we don’t necessarily have to meet people physically before we can have a standard meeting. Beautiful relationships are being built every day through the help of certain social media platforms. So, technology has practically brought a change in our daily lives.

However, you need to create a balance between physical and phone-to-phone conversations.

2. Our Work Life

With the help of Google algorithms, people have now attained a great level of ease in their businesses. Jobs are being done remotely through a smartphone or a PC. Consumers as well aren’t left out as they are able to gain easy access to products and services through a simple Google search.

3. Modern Cars

One of the most obvious cultural changes that we’ve noticed in recent times is the advent of modern cars. This is because it drove away from the use of donkeys and all other old forms of transportation. Now, people are able to move around very fast, and things are done as quickly as they wish.

4. Home Improvement

Unlike in the past, we now have a lot of technological advancements in regards to our home. With certain appliances, smart homes are slowly beginning to take over. People now have a way of controlling their homes and setting their life the way they want.

5. Media

Songsters and songstresses have finally been liberated through the help of the new media. How? Songs and voices are being refined before they get to the intended listeners. To singers, this is a dream come true while listeners can now have their eardrums blessed. What can be more beautiful?

6. Easy Banking

Our mobile phones, banking applications, and some other online platforms have made the process of money/business transactions an easy one. All you have to do is create an account with any of the platforms that are convenient for you, and start performing your transactions.

Regardless of how it may seem, technology and culture are often intertwined—one can hardly stand without the other. Just as culture keeps changing,  technology keeps moving ahead, and most of these technological changes are for the betterment of our lives. In this article, you can find an example of cultural change due to technology.