What is the idea of appearance versus reality when it comes to social media?

Social media has become the home away from home for so many of us even when we are in our real homes. That is not all, many of us now also earn a living from using social media. Not to mention all the celebrities that get paid for every post they make on their social media pages. 

The idea of this article is to clear up the idea of appearance versus reality when it comes to social media. It may have happened to you before, seeing somebody for the first time whom you have been texting on social media for a whole month. The pictures, tone, style, and all your expectations may be cut short. What is the real idea?

It’s all in our minds

We always expect people to look some kind of way, talk some kind of way, or have a sense of style that matches the description we have created in our minds. That’s not all; sometimes the people we have these conversations with deliberately or unintentionally give off that aura via texts, leaving our expectations high about them.

Looking past what we make of them through the conversations we have had on social media. Reality and social media are interrelated. This is because social media is a part of reality and we must regard it as such or find it difficult to understand why people and life issues might appear different on social media than in reality.

Where is life better–social media or reality?

Nothing can ever take away the goodness of reality. As mentioned earlier, social media is only a part of reality. Just as it is when we watch movies with people acting different roles, we can consider it alike. Although most people on social media are a true representation of who they are in real life, most people only put up some behaviors for the sake of followership.

Life in social media has its advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, the ability to bare your mind as you wish without being worried that you would be found out and without waiting for your turn to speak is a blessing to introverts. Social media also makes it easy for you to prevent certain people from seeing what you do with life and how your mind works.

Reality is what it is–real. You may be an expert at handling your life on social media but in reality, you are far from having a life close to the one you portray online. We can, however, make proper use of social media to better our lives as well as society. The things that we do on social media, whether we like it or not, alter reality in one way or another. As mentioned earlier, social media is a part of reality.


There may be a huge difference between an appearance on social media and reality, however, the activities that go on on social media influence then activities here in reality.