What You Need to Know About Virtual YouTubers (VTubers)

One growing trend is to become a YouTuber and have personified graphics work ( CG avatar). All you need to know about YouTubers are below.

With each day that passes, there’s an increase in YouTubers and the creation of faceless video creators. The advantage of being a faceless YouTuber is that it gives you privacy on the Internet. Truth be told not all viewer are satisfied if a YouTuber hide his or her face. So how can you satisfy your viewers and still be able to hide your identity? 

Become a virtual VTuber.

What is a virtual VTuber?

 Another name for a YouTuber is a V Tuber. A person who creates content online or entertains people online with the use of a virtual avatar is a YouTuber. This personification is created with the aid of a computer graphic (CG), they are heavily animated designs.

A lot of YouTubers use YouTube as their main platform while others upload videos or host streams on order platforms like Tick-tock, Facebook games, Twitter, Instagram etcetera and can their also called VTuber. 

The background of virtual VTuber.

A Japanese VTuber Kizuna Al was the first to name and use the word “YouTuber” in the year 2016. While Ami Yomato was the first to use a cover girl all known as the Avatar video blogging. She was paid for the dramatic Trend she brought to the VTubers in Japan in that year.

Because of the popularity gained by Kuzuna Al competitors started popping up from all angles. So people that already have an existing platform and have shown their face before created a VTuber of themselves just to follow the trend. 

This trend exited more people and leads to the creation of agencies mainly in Japan which was dedicated to the promotion of VTuber. Popular organizations like Hololive production, Nijisanji, and Vshojo. 

 According to the Japanese statistics company in the year 2020, there are over 10,000 VTuber on YouTube. During the year this statistic was taken Kizuna Al has the largest followers among all VTubers on the internet. She had over 10 million subscribers across her different network platforms which are Bilibili, YouTube, Tick-tock, and Twitter. 

 Want to become a virtual YouTuber? 

 Unlike many other inventing pursuits no huge capital is required to set up a virtual YouTuber. Buying sure things can be useless if you don’t know how to use them properly. So why spend money on something when you don’t know how to them and can get them without spending a penny. All you have to do is;

Choose a muse: one very important thing you’ll need to become a VTuber is a muse to act as your online person. You can use VTuber live 2D.

Make your archetype move: 

For your muse to move it has to be firm. Once you’re able to make your muse firm you’ll create a webcam to track your movements. 

And lastly, do a proper Recording of your muse as it mirrors your movement.