In today’s era, technology has taken over everything, and as we know, anything that has advantages will also have disadvantages. So likewise, social media also have ups and downs. When we discuss social media’s effect on the lives of teens, there are significant pros and cons.

Teenagers that feel marginalized and lonely have found help through social media. For example, different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and most especially TikTok have gone viral, making teenagers feel connected to others during the pandemic. But it has become a big issue how social media has negatively affected youths.

This article is going to discuss why Social Media is bad for teens.

Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

Social Media has had a significant detrimental mental health to young ones. Teens and social media are closely linked to depression. And using the apps too much has exposed youths to cyberbullying, addiction to technology, activities of real-world, body image issues, no time to check out for health.

Most parents are confident in their children because they believe that they know what the children are posting on social media. But, the accurate picture is that over 70% of teenagers hide their online behavior from their parents and still pretending to be good children in the presence of their parents.

How The Social Media Has Affected Teenagers During Pandemic

There are different questions regarding the effect of social media and teens. And during the pandemic, studies and recent research have shown how diverse the effect has been on teens. But, a survey was carried out on 1500 youths; they said social media was an essential asset to them.

For example, when it comes to advise and support, they creatively express themselves, feel lonely, stay in contact with friends and family, and maintain government social distancing.

While 43% said that social media makes them feel less stressed, less depressed, less anxious, and more outspoken, but the question lies that is this the case?

A report came out that is titled “Coping with COVID-19″ report shows how teenagers use social media to manage their health mentally. And the report clearly shows how depression and Social Media have a strong connection.

If we compare youths that use social media in moderation and youths that use social media to the fullest, we tend to see that moderate teens are less depressed. Still, the fullest social media teens are filled with depression.

So it clearly shows that social media does not solve any issue involving depression, anxiety, and stress; instead, it multiplies. Social media contribute a lot of negative attributes to teenagers. Studies also show that 14-17 years olds who spend more than 7hours on social media every day are likely to be diagnosed with depression and psychological problems.

Social media has to affect things in times of their relationship with their parents. It has made teens be distant and hide what they call “secrets” from their parents while pretending to be good children when they are with their parents. Parents need to know what their children are doing on social media, their friends, and their associates.

CONCLUSIONSocial media is not good advice for teenagers. Supervisor, to an extent, needs to be taken when you g ones indulge in social media. Many adverse effects have occurred through social media on teenagers. Therefore, teens need to limit their use of social media for the betterment of their health.