Why You Should Stop Doomscrolling on Social Media

You wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is grab your phone, get online, and start looking for the latest headlines, consuming negative news online. You switch to social media; Twitter Instagram, Facebook, refresh your feed over and over again, looking for all sorts of bad news or validation for your mood. It’s 11;30pm at night, you have been on your phone all day, refreshing your feed all day, going through headlines, looking for validation. You are silently falling into a rabbit hole and you are threatening your mental health, you are Doomscrolling.

According to Psychology Today, Doomscrolling is the compulsion to consume negative news on social media.

2020 has been a year filled with all sorts of negativities, from wildfires to the coronavirus, to the BLM protests and the USA election. The amount of bad news has increased immensely and doomscrolling has garnered lots of attention with almost everyone that has access to data being affected, coupled with the fact that cities are on lockdown, it’s a whole lot of mess. There is a hyper-focus on negativity and People are obsessively reading bad news.

Why do people doom scroll?

Doomscrolling doesn’t just happen, it is birthed by a couple of reasons which people don’t pick out until they fall inside the rabbit. Reasons for this include;

The urge to stay informed

Most people pick up their phone all the time under the guise of keeping themselves updated on recent news and they end up spending hours scrolling through the internet and consuming all sorts of data. The truth is that most of us are unconsciously obsessed with negative news. We love to keep ourselves updated on all sorts of negative news due to the fact that we might possibly be the negative happenings next victim and we want to be safe. When this turns a habit, it creates a negative effect on our mental health, it changes how we view our surroundings, it makes the mind wary of the negative things around and miserable.


When you are happy and fulfilled, you don’t pick up your phone to start scrolling through the internet, you live the moment. Contrary to this, bad moods like anxiety and depressions, or maybe negative events tends to sink people’s emotions and unknowingly lead to doomscrolling. Most people with the aim to feel alright log unto the internet in search of data about how they feel, if someone has ever felt like that, they go in search of information if they are alright, if these negative moods are okay or if someone has felt such way before, they o in search of validation but end up getting worse as they spend hours consume lots of negative information about their moods. Mood enhancers are better ways to uplift yourself from these chains of bad moods and state of mind.

How to stop Doomscrolling

  • The first step to getting better is by accepting there is a problem. You need to accept the fact that you are doomscroling.
  • Create routines and reminders on how long you are to spend on the internet, maybe a few hours per day.
  • Try to see positivity in everything surrounding you.
  • In a case where a drop in moods and negative thoughts lead to doomscrolling, mood enhancers can be used to uplift your mood.
  • Take to creative activities and reading.


Doomscrolling can be very damaging mentally to victims without them knowing. When you see yourself in such a situation, try to seek help as soon as possible by taking time off the internet and getting your mood to be positive by taking Mood enhancers and supplements.