Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media?

Whether social media will replace traditional media has been on everyone’s lips, and every day we get different answers from different people based on their opinions. However, is it likely that social media will take over the traditional media that we know?

In this article, we’re going to answer the question as appropriately as possible. Just relax and follow us through. Before we dive headlong into the answer, we must first give short definitions of what we can regard as social media and what is known as traditional media.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a tool used by people to connect and share their views and opinions on different issues. Social media can also be used for other more formal activities like interviews, newscasting, job seeking, trade, etc.

Some social media sites that you’d have heard of include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, and a host of others.

What is Traditional Media?

Traditional media is the one media that we all once depended on for everything that has to do with the information, both formal and informal, including  radios, television, faxes, mail letters, and newspapers.

The traditional media’s importance in the modern world has been argued by people who only see the benefits of social media. However, a resolution has not been arrived at.

Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media?

I’m sure that the answer I’m going to give to you will not be the one you’re expecting. Everyone believes that social media is the real deal and maybe with a little more advancement, we’ll stop seeing TV and radio shows; we’ll stop reading papers and stop sending faxes and mail.

That’s not true. The reason is that both social media and traditional media will have their place in our lives. If you have been observant enough, you’d have noticed that social media these days incorporate some of the TV shows, and TVs now use information gotten from social media to make things a little more fun.

These two media will continue to have their place in the world as long as people will always have preferences. The following reasons are why social media may never render traditional media useless.

1. Traditional media is more formal and precise

There will always be people who love the formal world. They love to see the news being delivered by people in suits and a serious face. They believe they can be trusted.

2. Social media is a free place

Anybody can cook up any unverified story on social media and have it spread around like butter. The traditional media only reveals stories that have been verified and called true.

3. Timing and regulations

In traditional media like TV and radio, you’ll find out that almost every show that is displayed has been formally announced to take place. Things are more orderly and regulated there.

The simple answer is that both social media and traditional media will run concurrently without hindering each other. So, social media is never going to replace traditional media.