Would Social Media Have Made Life Easier or Harder in the 1960s?

Every day, the world keeps evolving something different. Most of these changes are as a result of some advancements in technological innovations. One of the things that have stood out in all of this is social media—it has suddenly become a huge part of our lives, entertainment, personal relationships, etc. This is because social media changed the way we communicate with one another, and businesses are run differently because of it.

In recent times, a lot of people have come up with the question, “Would social media have made life easier or harder in the 1960s?” Well, when I consider how social media has improved our lives today, my answer is a big YES, it would have made life easier for people living in the 1960s as well. With the help of a few tips that I will be sharing below, you’d be able to understand how social media has made life a lot easier compared to the 1960s, shall we?

1. Virtual Healthcare

You’d agree that in the past, everything was done physically and you practically needed to use your legs before you could get what you wanted, including healthcare. Through the help of social media today, people no longer have to physically be with a doctor before they can get proper advice regarding their health. This will help to save more lives.

2. Easier Job Hunting

In 1960, anyone who’s job hunting would have to be seen with heavy files and credentials before they could be taken seriously. Today, social media is one of those tools that can make this activity an easy one for an individual. How? All you need do is to let your friends and followers understand that you seek a job and ask them to let you know when they find one. CVs are built virtually now.

3. Easy Buying and Selling

People are slowly ditching the walk-in stores for social media vendors. This sort of activity is dominant on Instagram and Facebook where we have a lot of vendors and buyers alike. This process, if you ask me, is better than having to go through the stress of walking in stores.

4. News at Your Fingertips

News is no longer delayed information as long as social media still exists. As soon as you log in to your page, messages about what has happened and is currently happening are getting to you without so much stress.

5. Great Relationships

I remember having to connect with someone I admire through social media, and today, we have a great friendship together. When you understand the dos and don’ts of social media, you will be able to gain great relationships! In the 1960s, people were made to go extra miles before they could have good communication. Today people can communicate instantly and more frequently, meaning that friendships can develop more rapidly.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly think that social media would have made life easier in the 1960s. The change that social media has brought is what we hope to become permanent. It brought a lot of good with it.

How about you; do you think that social media would have made life easier? Let us know.